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In the near future, Earth has become an unfit home for the human race. We have colonies on Mars, but we haven't stopped there. The time has come to establish a presence on Jupiter's icy satellite, Europa. But we need workers, and they had better come cheap.

Europan Prisoner Transfer is a one-shot tabletop roleplaying game for 2-5 players plus a game master. It uses the Action System by Mac10 and Katana (Mac10andKatana@gmail.com). The rules of play and the entire story are in this .pdf file, so all you need to bring are pens, paper, and two 6-sided dice.

The game master introduces the players to the game world, and the players control characters. They take on the role of corporate security guards, charged with escorting convicts to the ice world Europa, where they will unload the criminals to work in the mines below the surface. It sounds easy enough, but a lot can go wrong along the way.

This is the first RPG I have written, feel free to download and play with your friends as much as you like. If you enjoy the game, please consider donating!


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Updated with some small grammatical and formatting fixes.

Updated with unarmed melee damage, and damage bonus to melee weapon attacks based on character strength.

Updated with a few small fixes, like putting the adventure name in the footer, and removing some redundant text.